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Blogging is something that I do not do very frequently. Sure, I blog “once a week” for my Journalism courses, but I am just doing it to get posts online.

As I get older, I find myself increasingly obsessed with certain subjects – social media, bicycling, reddit, film. All of these are awesome topics for a blog.

When I get out of school, I’d like to start a blog about bicycling. My blog will inform cyclists about the coolest and newest biking technology.

I recently got a GoPro camera, and I plan on filming some videos with that and putting them up!


I recently interned at my father’s advertising agency, Schupp Company. It’s a really cool place with a lot of creative energy flowing though it. Working there was amazing. I was really awesome getting the chance to see the business my dad built by himself. After my internship, a Schupp Company employee reached out to me to write an update of what I’ve been doing since my summer at Schupp Co. to post to their facebook page. Don’t forget to listen to my awesome rap at the end!

Here’s what I wrote:

Alex Schupp – Creative Intern

Schupp v Austin (2012)

Yeah, that's right, I beat Stone Cold Steve Austin in an arm-wrestling contest.

At Schupp Company, being an intern was not just about getting coffee or making copies. I had the opportunity to be fully-submersed in the industry, and had a blast, too.

As a creative intern at Schupp Co, I worked on big brands such as MillerCoors, where I brainstormed concepts and promotional opportunities, designed branding materials and executed marketing strategy. I was able to take campaigns from concept to execution, even working on an intern-only project for a local organization, Brightside STL.

Digital, interactive and social media are passions of mine, and I was able to pursue those interests at Schupp Company. I was part of Schupp’s SEO/SEM team where we worked to improve Schupp’s search engine rankings. I was also involved in the development of an iPad app for one of Schupp’s major clients. Another fun aspect of working with Schupp Co was managing their social media pages. Our intern team used Facebook, Twitter and blogs to show Schupp Company’s less-serious side. We posted photos, produced videos, hosted contests and interacted with the online community to help Schupp spread its web presence.

Even as an intern, I felt like part of the team. We were involved in all aspects of the business and were encouraged to jump into any project we wanted to be part of.

I had a blast working at Schupp Co, but I also learned a lot. It was a great opportunity, and my internship really helped me get the experience I needed before returning to school for my final year. At Schupp Company, we worked hard and we played hard. It wasn’t easy – there were plenty of late nights and early mornings – but it was fun and rewarding.

Plus, who doesn’t like free beer?


After reading some of the other previous interns’ posts, I decided I needed to spice up what I wrote, so I submitted this as well:

After much thought, I have decided that my previous writeup of my time at Schupp just doesn’t cut it. It failed to express my passion for everything Schupp, and moreover, it did not have any sort of rhythm or rhyme to it. It was flat, bland, and not very creative.

So, to make up for my several paragraphs of eye-gouging boringness, I’d like to submit this wonderful piece of artwork. I believe it really expresses what being an intern at Schupp Company meant to me. I present to you, the Schupp Company Intern Rap (turn up the stereo for this one).

Schupp Co. Intern Rap – by Alex Schupp


Everyone knows about eBay, craigslist and Amazon. They’re old news. To me, what makes these websites bland is, well, they sell mass-produced shit. They’re awesome sites to find a bargain, don’t get me wrong, but nothing there is unique (I take it back, craigslist can get pretty, uh, unique). You might find an awesome deal on a “previously loved” (can we just call it used?) item, but that’s about it.

Even though this online store isn’t for my demographic, I think Etsy is one of the coolest sites around.

Their slogan? “Your place to buy and sell all things homemade, vintage and supplies.” (And yes, they use the oxford comma.)

Check out their homepage:

"Your place to buy and sell all things homemade, vintage and supplies."

"Your place to buy and sell all things homemade, vintage and supplies."

Something that I really like about Etsy is that it’s a simple, visually-appealing page. The pink/cyan color scheme is actually pretty popular these days, and I think they did an excellent job of executing it. It’s not overboard or in-your-face, but the page has a clear theme.

The menu going down the side on the left is easy to navigate and figure out, regardless of what you’re looking for. There’s nothing on the homepage that I would want to buy, but I’m sure I can find something cool on the site.

After searching for “bicycle” using the search bar, I came across a few items that I was intrigued by, but one in particular caught my attention.

Yeah, that’s right, it’s a Imagebicycle tote to carry a 6-pack of beer.

Useless? Maybe. Illegal? Probably. But damnit, I want that thing.

It’s made out of 9-ply birch. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds pretty snazzy to me.

Anyway, check out Etsy next time you have a little time to shop online! And keep your credit card nearby.