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During March, I travelled to St. Louis to work with my favorite local advertising agency.

I had interned there twice before, and they asked me to come back to produce a video for Coors.

During my internship, I proved to my superiors that I have a lot of passion for two things – video production and social media. So naturally, when the agency had a video to produce for a Coors social media campaign, they called me up.

I can’t say too much about this campaign because it hasn’t officially been launched yet, but this is a teaser video.

I spent one full weekend producing this video, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Coors is also using the video at some distributor conferences, so I’m happy with the results.


I’m devoting this post exclusively to one of my favorite iPhone/iPad apps, HippoRemote Lite.

This app is awesome. What does it do?

Hippo allows you to control your laptop or desktop’s mouse and keyboard from your iPhone or iPad. I cannot say it enough – it is awesome.

HippoRemote Lite Screenshots

Hippo’s interface is multi-touch, so it operates the same way your trackpad would on your mac. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s why I use it. I recently canceled my subscription to cable television. I replaced it with a subscription to Netflix. That’s right, I’m going all digital. I hook my laptop up to my television, sit back on the couch, and have the ability to browse the internet from my couch (on a 42″ flatscreen – but hey, who’s counting?).

It started to get inconvenient when I’d have to get up to pause or browse for a new movie, so I decided to get creative. I knew I had the technology, and I knew somebody had already probably built the app.

So here we are. I found Hippo.

Here’s how my awesome Netflix browsing scheme works:

My browsing setup.

You’re welcome for the awesome drawing. I had to get that thing commissioned by a graphic artist!

By the way, this app isn’t just for Netflix. You can use it to control your entire laptop wirelessly. I also use it for Reddit, email, and anything and everything else on the web.