I have a lot of fun hobbies. Not all of them go as well together as bicycling and photography, though.

When I ride my bike, I always have a camera on me. Sometimes my still camera, sometimes a video camera, but always at least an iPhone.

I like to ride through the trails in Columbia MO. Every once in a while, when I need a breather or I find something particularly eye-catching, I’ll stop and snap a few pictures.

I’d like to share a few with you.

Panorama by the river

A panorama I took on a bike ride.

This first picture was taken halfway through a 26-mile bike ride towards the beginning of winter. I thought it was time for a little breather, and came to sit on this riverside. After soaking it in, I had to take a picture, or rather 6 pictures. I spliced them together into the panorama shot you see here! (That’s one of my beautiful bicycles featured in the pic.)

This picture is at an abandoned building on my bike route.

I took this picture in front of an old, abandoned building on my bike route in Columbia. The building has since been knocked down, but I got the opportunity to take some pictures first!

It’s amazing that even without a still camera with me, I’m able to take some really beautiful pictures just with my iPhone. More to come in the future!