I’m devoting this post exclusively to one of my favorite iPhone/iPad apps, HippoRemote Lite.

This app is awesome. What does it do?

Hippo allows you to control your laptop or desktop’s mouse and keyboard from your iPhone or iPad. I cannot say it enough – it is awesome.

HippoRemote Lite Screenshots

Hippo’s interface is multi-touch, so it operates the same way your trackpad would on your mac. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s why I use it. I recently canceled my subscription to cable television. I replaced it with a subscription to Netflix. That’s right, I’m going all digital. I hook my laptop up to my television, sit back on the couch, and have the ability to browse the internet from my couch (on a 42″ flatscreen – but hey, who’s counting?).

It started to get inconvenient when I’d have to get up to pause or browse for a new movie, so I decided to get creative. I knew I had the technology, and I knew somebody had already probably built the app.

So here we are. I found Hippo.

Here’s how my awesome Netflix browsing scheme works:

My browsing setup.

You’re welcome for the awesome drawing. I had to get that thing commissioned by a graphic artist!

By the way, this app isn’t just for Netflix. You can use it to control your entire laptop wirelessly. I also use it for Reddit, email, and anything and everything else on the web.