iPhone 4-Swiss

iPhone 4SwissArmy

It’s official.  With the advent of the smart phone, handheld point-and-shoot cameras are obsolete.

I remember when my dad bought our family’s first digital camera.  It was awesome.  It could take really, really high resolution photos – something like 3.2 megapixels.  It also took video (up to 15 minutes, and definitely not HD, but still, it was cool).  And the whole thing was just a little bigger than a deck of cards.

Just a few years later, though, and that 3.2-megapixel digital camera has been replaced with an 8-megapixel camera.  A camera that also makes phone calls, lets me check Facebook, and play Angry Birds.  Yeah, I’m talking about an iPhone.

It’s amazing the way technology has changed our lives.  The portable devices we carry everywhere with us do anything and everything – we’d be lost without them.  And if you think your iPhone is useful now, wait a few years.  According to Moore’s law, the amount of transistors it’s possible to fit on a circuit doubles every two years  (read more about it here).  As our technological capabilities expand exponentially, our smart phones will become even more important in our lives.

So what else will devies like the iPhone replace?  Mine serves as my primary means for communication, video and still camera, navigation system, calendar, and very efficient time-waster.  Put a pez dispenser in with it, and we’re all set.