The last site that’s made me stop?  Reddit.

Reddit is a social news aggregator.  Basically, people upload photos, links, articles or whatever floats their boat.  Based on upvotes and downvotes, the most liked stories come to the top.  Every time you refresh, there are new articles to find.

I like this site because not only does it show the latest news, but it allows users to post comments.  You can have political debates, share information, get help on your homework, or post your own links.

There are subreddits, or subcategories of reddit that users can use to help pursue their specific interests.  For instance, I am a frequenter of r/bicycles (  When other users upvote links in that category, I am more likely to see them on my homepage.

A really cool subreddit is r/IAMA.  In this category, users post (and are verified if need be) “I am a _______, ask me anything.”  It makes for very cool conversation, and allows you to learn about people and things that you may have never known existed.

Reddit is a great site to get the most current news or waste away hours of your time.  It all depends on how you use it.