A friend's tweet: "what the fluff is coning?"

Tweet from @Leslie_Sherman - "what the fluff is coning?"

Well, @Leslie_Sherman, thanks for asking!

Coning just so happens to be the subject of this week’s blog post!

Coning is a meme. Shortly after planking traveled at warp speeds across the internet, this crazy internet phenomena joined the circuit.

Basically, coning is when you go to a drive-thru restaurant, order an ice cream cone, and grab it by the ice cream instead of the cone. Now this all sounds pretty stupid (welcome to the world wide web), but the reactions from drive-thru employees are priceless. I thought it was funny and decided to try it out. Check out my video.

If you want to see the original video that instigated this cultural phenomena, don’t forget to click this link!

So what’s next for Alex Schupp? Who the hell knows. But check in with me next week for a little more internet fun.

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