This is a website that I found that shows truly ridiculous tag-lines that were created to promote tourism.

The site is easy enough to follow.  It features a newspaper-style article and a rollover graphic.

I think online news sources need to move away from formatting articles to look like newspaper articles.  Though it’s a familiar format, in my opinion, it does not help the consumer better comprehend the information online.  Newspapers use their formatting because of the huge amounts of articles that they place on one large piece of paper (in tiny type).  The format looks boxy, stagnant, 2-D, and a little 1990’s.  I think that the style of writing online should be different from newspapers as well.  When one reads a newspaper, it is often from front-to-back.  Online consumers, on the other hand, want a lot of information in a short time, so it may be easier to use more bullet points, info-graphics, and stylized formatting.

That being said, the rollover graphic is pretty cool.  The instructions say to “roll over,” but I found that you must click on the cities to view their taglines (I am using Chrome).  I figured it out relatively easily, but I’m not sure that everyone that used the site would also be able to make it work.

Overall, it was a good website.  Simple and easy to follow, but shows you a lot of information.  The website was a bit too “newspaper-ey” for my tastes, but it could not have been much more fluid.

Click on this link to see the actual page!