In lieu of going to class on Monday, April 23, I went to a presentation in RJI.

I saw two interesting projects – an iPhone app for farmers, and a cameracoptor.

That’s not what the guys named it. This coptor has 4 blades and a face-tracking camera. The implications of this invention are pretty cool – it could be used in films, sports, television, news, even law enforcement – anything where you’d want to keep an extended view on a potentially moving subject. Though the helicopter is remote-controlled, the camerawork is automated – it specifically follows faces. They did not show it flying (I was pretty disappointed), but it was a cool presentation nonetheless.


I literally sent out over 100 job applications. That is bat-shit crazy.

After speaking with many companies and formal interviews with over 5 companies, I have finally been offered a job.

You may recall when, a month or two ago, I blogged about yearning to work at a particular ad agency in Boulder, Colorado. Well, after sending my resume to a high-up at the company, I learned that he had forwarded my information to HR.

A few interviews later, and I’ve got myself an offer!

Now, it’s only an internship, but it’s a Social Media internship at my favorite ad agency in the world (other than Schupp Company), Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Yes, I got a gig at CPB. And I couldn’t be more excited.

I produced a video for Miller Lite over the summer that was pretty fun. It was paired with another video for the campaign’s pitch, but is a fun vid.

I filmed this with a creative director and a few interns from Schupp company, but the editing was all me.

During March, I travelled to St. Louis to work with my favorite local advertising agency.

I had interned there twice before, and they asked me to come back to produce a video for Coors.

During my internship, I proved to my superiors that I have a lot of passion for two things – video production and social media. So naturally, when the agency had a video to produce for a Coors social media campaign, they called me up.

I can’t say too much about this campaign because it hasn’t officially been launched yet, but this is a teaser video.

I spent one full weekend producing this video, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Coors is also using the video at some distributor conferences, so I’m happy with the results.

Blogging is something that I do not do very frequently. Sure, I blog “once a week” for my Journalism courses, but I am just doing it to get posts online.

As I get older, I find myself increasingly obsessed with certain subjects – social media, bicycling, reddit, film. All of these are awesome topics for a blog.

When I get out of school, I’d like to start a blog about bicycling. My blog will inform cyclists about the coolest and newest biking technology.

I recently got a GoPro camera, and I plan on filming some videos with that and putting them up!

I use both Facebook and Twitter regularly, however, I use them both completely differently.

What’s weird is, no one tells us how to use these social networks, but all users use Facebook and Twitter pretty similarly.

For me, Twitter is for putting out short thoughts or ideas. WIth a 140-character limit, there’s really not room for much more than a sentence and a link.

Facebook, on the other hand, can handle more long-form stories. In addition to photos or links, people often type up a considerable amount of text to provide context and insight.

As a marketer, it’s important to keep these things in mind when developing campaigns for Social Media.

Since I’m getting out of school pretty soon, I’ve been looking for a job.

If you didn’t know, I study Convergence Journalism at the University of Missouri. (Not to brag, but “Mizzou” is known for it’s Journalism school.)

I’ve been working hard to focus on learning as much as I can about social, interactive and digital media.

I’ve designed iPhone and Android apps, built websites and managed blogs and social media pages. I worked for news outlets, websites, advertising agencies, music festivals, concert venues and production companies, doing a wide variety of jobs.

There was a common thread connecting all of my work at these varying places – they were all both creative and digital.

I’ve had interviews at quite a few companies. I have been speaking with ad agency in Boulder, CO (which just happens to be my dream company), a sports company in Pueblo, CO (with a position as a digital video specialist), a TV show in New York (I’d be a social media specialist), a digital analytics company in Chicago, and a Boston marketing production assistant.

I’m hoping I get the chance to work at the company I was speaking with based out of Boulder. They are known for their creativity and amazing work there, and it would be great to get to learn from the best in the industry.